TLC’s ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ features non-Mormon Atlanta couple Ashley and Dimitri Snowden

Ashley and Dimitri Snowden are featured on TLCs ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ CREDIT: TLC

Posted Thursday, February 15, 2018 by RODNEY HO/ on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

TLC’s new “Seeking Sister Wife” reality show features two white Utah families, no surprise there.

But then there’s Ashley and Dimitri Snowden, who live in metro Atlanta. They’re black and they’re not Mormon. They just believe in the polygamist lifestyle.

During this new season, which airs its fifth out of seven episodes this Sunday, they search for a second wife.

They meet Joslyn, an attractive 22-year-old woman who seems eager to join their family. After a date that aired this past Sunday, Dimitri slept with Joslyn without telling Ashley first. When he does inform her, Ashley literally chokes on her drink. And get this: Ashley is pregnant with their third child.

When the production company found the Snowdens, they had long discussions about how this might impact their three children (ages 5, 3 and now two months) and their livelihoods. They decided to take the chance and educate the public. Dimitri said so far, the show has not impacted his business as a design consultant, which he describes as an “ontological architect” and “change agent.”

Ashley said they met a few years ago when she was teaching and he was helping with their technology needs. He told her about his lifestyle choice and she was open to it. “I have studied anthropology,” she said. “I have been exposed to the polygamist lifestyle on my journey.”

Why she finds it a positive move: “I like the community aspect, the sisterhood, the legacy, the strong family structure.”

“For me,” Dimitri said, “it’s another catalyst to strengthen culture and tradition. When you have that vehicle and a great companion like Ashley, it can become an epic output for subsequent generations.”

They have tried to add to their family in the past but haven’t had any luck with the right fit.

There is growing acceptance of polygamy although it remains illegal in all 50 states. About 17  percent of Americans find it “morally acceptable,” according to Gallup polling last year. That’s up from 14 percent in 2016 and highest since Gallup began asking the question in 2003, when only 7 percent of Americans were okay with it.

Coincidentally or not, increases in acceptance began after the debut of reality shows such as “Sister Wives,” which began airing on TLC in 2010, and humanize polygamists.

The Internet has made it much easier to find potentially like-minded people via Facebook groups and dating sites, Ashley said.

Dimitri said the added challenge being on this TV show is finding someone willing to be both in a polygamist relationship with them and be on TV. There are folks, he said, who would prefer to keep it private and others who might be interested only to be on TV.

He said Joslyn has “an affinity to sisterhood. And she is flexible. We live a very dynamic life. We may have opportunities in Singapore or Ecuador and able to go. We are not attached to things and places.”

Ultimately, Dimitri said, “our style is very different from many people. That’s the lovely thing about polygamy. There are so many different versions of it.”

“Seeking Sister Wife,” 10 p.m. Sundays, TLC


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A Florida shooting victim has Marietta ties

One of the victims of the Wednesday shooting spree at a Florida high school has Marietta ties, and the community is rallying to her aid.

An online fundraiser has netted nearly $7,000 for Maddy Wilford.

THE LATEST: At least 17 were killed when a lone gunman opened fire

What we know about suspect Nikolas de Jesus Cruz

Authorities searching for motives

“I have to thank my Lord and Savior for sparring my daughter’s life today,” her mother, Marietta High School graduate Missy Cantrell Wilford posted in response to all the support. “I feel Blessed beyond words, knowing that many didn’t survive.”

She said her daughter was shot multiple times with an AR-15 and has been through two surgeries. It’s a miracle she’s alive, doctors have told her.

“She had one (bullet) that went through her back, crushing her ribs, piercing through her right lung and exiting through her stomach. Several went through the shoulder and traveled the length of her right arm before exiting,” Wilford wrote. “She lost so much blood, but she is stable and in ICU. She will undergo a third surgery tomorrow to put in permanent titanium plates to hold her ribs together. Even after all of that, the bullets missed her liver, reproduction organs, heart, she could have been paralyzed. It is a miracle.”

The Marietta Police Department has held multiple “active shooting” training sessions at Marietta High School in recent years, in response to the growing number of shootings nationwide. The school was located at the site of what is now Marietta Middle School when Wilford was a student.

Doctors are hopeful, and Wilford requests prayers for all affected.

“Please keep the prayers coming for all the families, especially for one of the youth from church that still hasn’t been found as of yet. Her name is Alaina. The doctors seem positive that Madeleine is young and strong and will recover over time. She is on a ventilator since she has one lung and the ribs are crushing the other. God give me strength that I do not possess on my own.”

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Keshia Knight Pulliam owes $102K in state taxes

Keshia Knight Pulliam, Houseguest on the CBS series BIG BROTHER: CELEBRITY EDITION, scheduled to air on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Posted Wednesday, February 14, 2018 by RODNEY HO/ on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

Keshia Knight Pulliam, the local actress just booted off “Celebrity Big Brother,” owes the Georgia Department of Revenue $102,286.37 in unpaid taxes.

In a filing in the Fayette Ga. Superior Court from December 30, 2017, the former “Cosby Show” kid owes $51,469 in unpaid state taxes from 2011 and 2013. But she has since accrued $27,806.13 in interest, $12,667.44 in penalties, $10,293.80 in collection fees and $50 in extra costs. So her total now exceeds $100,000.

The filings do not indicate she has paid what she has owed since the December 30 filing.

RadarOnline got the original scoop about her unpaid taxes but didn’t have the updated amount owed.

Pulliam asked to leave CBS’s “Celebrity Big Brother” on Monday because she was having trouble creating breast milk for her one-year-old daughter Ella Grace. Her castmates obliged, saving Shannon Elizabeth from a possible blindside.

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Martin Lawrence headlines Philips Arena April 13

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA – JULY 20: Actor Martin Lawrence attends the Fox Summer TCA All-Star party held at the SOHO house on July 20, 2014 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images)

Posted Wednesday, February 14, 2018 by RODNEY HO/ on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

A massive comedy package tour is coming to Philips Arena led by legendary stand-up Martin Lawrence April 13.

For this Atlanta stop, he is bringing along JB Smoove, Michael Blackson, Adele Givens and Benji Brown.

Tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. on Friday, February 16 and go for between $55 and $110. (Tickets are available here.)

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Lawrence’s last effort at TV came in 2014, the short-lived FX comedy “Partners” in which he co-starred with Kelsey Grammer. It lasted only a season.

He began touring as a stand-up comic again around 2015 after a long break. coming to the Fox Theatre.

At the time I interviewed him, he said he was calm and happy many years after both physical and mental health issues impacted his career. ” I am in a very positive place,” he said. “I’ve grown up a lot. I’ve seen a lot. I’ve been through a lot.”

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‘Black Panther’ screening draws Nick Chubb & (accidentally) T.I.

Atlanta’s Alexandra Gainous, an actor and model, dressed up as General Okoye in “Black Panther” played by Danai Gurira, to a screening of the film Tuesday night at Regal Cinemas in Atlantic Station. CREDIT: Rodney Ho/

Posted Tuesday, February 13, 2018 by RODNEY HO/ on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

“Black Panther,” partially shot in Atlanta, is hardly a film that even needs screenings. Advance buzz and demand is already at a boiling point.

But more than 150 folks were lucky enough to see a 3D screening tonight at Regal Atlantic Station three days before its official debut courtesy of Kiss 104.1 and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, co-sponsors of the event. Two Kiss radio personalities Sasha the Diva and Art Terrell gave away prizes before a packed audience which included UGA football star running back Nick Chubb and Director X, who is directing the remake of “Superfly” in Atlanta.

Also, amusingly, rap star and actor T.I. pulled up to the entrance of the theater. He had given away tickets at a Wal-Mart over the weekend for a free screening of the film. The problem: he was at the wrong theater. His screening was at Regal Hollywood off I-85. (Regal Atlantic Stations holds a lot of celebrity-filled screenings though the really big screening for the film was at the Fox Theatre last week.)

This is yet another production that has used the High Museum. Its exterior and some interiors are used as the hospital on Fox’s “The Resident” and is now the museum in London early in “Black Panther.”

Nick Chubb of UGA showed up for the “Black Panther” screening at Regal Atlantic Station February 13, 2018. CREDIT: Allied Marketing

Sasha the Diva (right), the afternoon jock at Kiss 104.1, had some contestants sing for prizes before a “Black Panther” screening Tuesday night, February 13, 2018. CREDIT: Rodney Ho/

Two Kiss 104.1/Urban News and Views contest winners (Left-
Madeline and her nephew Devyn Nix, who joined me and my boss Tracy Brown at Allora before the “Black Panther” screening. CREDIT: Rodney Ho/

Jose Mendez and Maria Elena Rebelto of Canton were contest winners who not only got to see “Black Panther” but had a free dinner at Allora at the Twelve Hotel. Jose said he has seen more than 1,000 concerts in his life and used to party at the Limelight nightclub in the 1980s. CREDIT: Rodney Ho/

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The FX ‘Atlanta Robbin’ Season’ trailer is here

ATLANTA — “Sportin’ Waves” — Season Two, Episode 2 (Airs Wednesday, March 8, 10:00 p.m. e/p) Pictured: Donald Glover as Earnest Marks. CR: Guy D’Alema/FX

Posted Tuesday, February 13, 2018 by RODNEY HO/ on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

With just two weeks until the second season of FX’s “Atlanta” – now dubbed “Atlanta Robbin’ Season,” FX has released a 60-second trailer.

It shows Paper Boi (Brian Tyree Henry) tepidly doing promos for a radio station, Earn (Donald Glover) sleeping on a couch in a storage unit and Darius (Lekeith Stanfield) observing, “Robbin’ season. Everybody gotta eat.”

What is “robbin’ season”?

“‘Robbin’ season’ for most people who don’t know is a time in Atlanta before Christmas time and New Years where a bunch of crime happens in that time because people have to get Christmas gifts and people need money so it’s a time when robberies go up all the time,” Stephen Glover said during the “Atlanta” panel at the 2018 Winter Television Critics Association. “You might get your package stolen off your front porch. When we were there shooting my neighbor got her car stolen off her driveway. It’s a very tense and desperate time so we wanted to make that a backdrop to our season and our characters are going through that same type of transition their whole lives to where they’re headed now. ‘Robbin’ Season’ is kind of like a metaphor for all of our characters

Season one, which aired in 2016, was a huge critical success, blending gritty realism with surreal interludes. Given Glover’s packed schedule, he didn’t get around to production until this past fall for a March 1, 2018 debut. The season is set to air 11 episodes.


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Apply now to volunteer at next year’s Super Bowl in Atlanta

The Super Bowl comes back to Atlanta next year and organizers will needs lots of hands on deck.

Civic-minded sports fans can apply now to secure a volunteer spot. Note: this does not in any way guarantee you’ll be watching the game or taking selfies with whoever the halftime show headliner is.

MORE: Justin Timberlake surprises Super Bowl “selfie kid”

The call for volunteers reads: “As Atlanta gears up to welcome the NFL in 2019, we will be looking for a group of high energy, passionate volunteers. These super-friendly and dedicated ambassadors for our city will be responsible for making the kind of lasting impressions that are forever memorable. Our goal with the volunteer program is to take the words ‘southern hospitality’ to new heights and provide the kind of warm, hearty welcome to all visitors that is synonymous with Atlanta. Interested? Sign up today to be the first to receive exclusive volunteer news and updates.”

The big event is Feb. 3, 2019 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Here’s the link to sign up.

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More about Mercedes-Benz Stadium: 
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It’s our time 🙌

Let’s show them how we do it in the ATL! #SuperBowl#MBStadium @atlsuperbowl53:

— MercedesBenzStadium (@MBStadium) February 5, 2018

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New Tug and Hutson Mason show on 1230/106.3 Sports X starting in March

Hutson Mason and Tug Cowart team up for a new talk show from noon to 3 p.m. on The Sports X 1230/106.3 CREDIT: (left) AJC (right) Twitter profile photo

Posted Tuesday, February 13, 2018 by RODNEY HO/ on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

The spruced up, hipper version of what used to be The Fan 2, now called The Sports X, will launch a new talk show  featuring Kicks 101.5 personality Jerry “Tug” Cowart and former University of Georgia quarterback Hutson Mason.

Airing from noon to 3 p.m., it’s a clear effort by owner David Dickey to instill younger blood on a station, heard on the AM/FM dials on 1230 and 106.3 but also online.

You can listen to the station on TuneIn here.

He said the new show will likely start in early March.

Cowart reported to work for the first time at Fan headquarters by Suntrust Park Monday. He has worked at Kicks going back to 2007 in various duties including morning producer and afternoon host.

Starting a new chapter today … new show coming soon with @HMason14 on @AtlantaSportsX 12-3p … still at @KICKS1015 but doing the new show M-F … Hope you’ll spend time time with us … listen at 106.3FM/1230AM or

— Jerry “Tug” Cowart (@TugCowart) February 12, 2018

Dickey now has three original local shows on the station for the first time.

He recently added Mark Zinno in late afternoons and Hometeam” Brandon Leak and former Georgia Tech quarterback Joe Hamilton in late mornings.

“Hutson is only 26,” Dickey said. “He loves media. He wanted to do it while in school but wasn’t able to due to athletic obligations. He’s a good guy.”

Mason is also a graduate of Lassiter High School.

Cowart, Dickey said, “is a damn good broadcaster and will be a great teacher for Hutson.” He will also become the director for digital content for Dickey Broadcasting as a whole where he’ll oversee the podcast division and all other digital content, including television. (Who isn’t getting into podcasts right now?)

Just got to the office for the first day … it’s like working at Disney World for a baseball fan like me … looking forward to getting the new show started with @HMason14 on @AtlantaSportsX #ComingSoon

— Jerry “Tug” Cowart (@TugCowart) February 12, 2018

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Jennifer Garner turns heads while selling Girl Scout cookies

Jennifer Garner, who appears in the upcoming Atlanta-filmed “Love, Simon,” posted a cute photo of a guy who took notice of her Girl Scout cookie enterprise outside a grocery store. Clearly, he was agape at the prospect of a Thin Mint.

MORE: Jennifer Garner, Queen Latifah film in downtown Atlanta

When Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck were both in Atlanta filming movies

Instagram Photo

The mom of three started her career in Atlanta, as a summer intern for the Georgia Shakespeare festival. In recent years she’s been back in town for other movies including “The Odd Life of Timothy Green” and “Miracles From Heaven.” The latter, she said, led her to start going to church again.

“I grew up going to church every Sunday of my life,” she said during a 2016 interview to promote the film on Good Morning Texas. “When I did move to L.A. it wasn’t something that was just part of the culture there in the same way. It didn’t mean that I lost who I was. There was something about doing this film and talking to my kids about it and realizing that they were looking for the structure of church every Sunday. It was a great gift of this film that it took us back to finding our local Methodist church and going every Sunday. It’s really sweet.”

She shared inspiring words during the interview: “Joy comes from the smallest things and if you don’t see joy in a perfect avocado or a great conversation or in running into a friend or getting a job .. if you don’t see joy in a perfectly beautiful tree in the autumn than you are missing your chance at happiness,” she said. “If you don’t find it in the small things and you only wait for big moments than you’ll just not be be a happy person.”


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New contest will award an aspiring musician with SXSW trip

ChooseATL and the DeKalb Entertainment Commission are teaming up for “ChooseATL Tracklanta,” a competition that will send one aspiring musician to the ChooseATL House at SXSW on March 12 in Austin, Tex.

Submissions will be accepted via SoundCloud through Feb. 23. There is no entry fee, but entrants must be at least 21, amateur, unsigned and not associated with a label or distribution company. And, you must hail from the Atlanta area.

Here is the link for your submissions.

The winner earns a performance slot at SXSW in addition to rehearsal time at Atlanta’s Stage Audio Production in advance of SXSW a recording session with Grammy Award-winning, Atlanta-based music/audio engineer Bill Zimmerman at Callanwolde’s new recording and mixing studio at the Rick Baker School of Music and Music Recording. Zimmerman works as a freelance engineer and assistant to Phil Tan, where he has assisted on recent projects for Fifth Harmony, Coldplay, Zara Larsson and others.

Record executive, songwriter and record producer Kawan “KP” Prather head of music at i am OTHER – Pharrell Williams’ record label – will judge submissions. The winner will be announced March 1. Here’s the link with full details.

ChooseATL was launched by the Metro Atlanta Chamber in 2015 to showcase Atlanta as a leading world destination and celebrates its unique community, inclusive culture, and expanding business opportunities across all industries.


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